Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Insanity // Week Two review

I have been doing Insanity for two weeks and I am so loving the result I've been feeling. I am sticking to the program schedule as much as I can with a few twist added as a backup. So far I have been mixing Focus T25 with my Insanity program just for fun and just in case I didn't have time to do Insanity at night.

My review and tips

  • By week two the moves are getting familiar and a little bit easier, so you have to push harder and faster to get the benefit from the workout

  • The thing that I love about Pure cardio is that there's no repeating moves.

  • I am begining to feel like my old self again. The athlete in me is coming out and I am loving it.

  • I can't stress this enough the important of drinking a lot of water. Drink a lot of water to keep you hydrate through out these workout.

  • Do not compete with other people. Only compete with yourself. Know your limits and push yourself when you are ready.

  • Until now I still can't do push up jack. That move is so damn hard

  • I am still in the process of making this program work for me. Nutrition wise I am still not taking any suppliment or protein shake. I just want to see how well the program works by itself with my normal diet.

  • " Eat less and Move More" is still my motto for this month

I am so looking forward to the next six days and I can't wait to see the result by th end of the month

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