Friday, November 8, 2013


Happy birthday sayang
Happy Birthday dear. May Allah bless you and be in HIS protection always. I love you with all my heart. I thank Allah every day because HE gave me you. It has been such an amazing 11 years. I still remembered the feeling of holding you for the first time in a delivery room. You were so tiny and cute. I felt so overwhelmed with how much I love you.

Some random things about you right now: 
* you already wear hijab on a daily basis. I am so proud of you
* you love to read
* you love to play computer games too
* your favorite TV shows are things related to comedy - Super Spontan, Raja Lawak Mega, Karot Komedia
* you are being a great sister to Hanif
* you can iron your own uniform
* I love it when you hug and kiss me
* you love Malaysian food and anything oriental
* you don't like nuts and chocolates (which I don't understand why)
* you are very thoughtful
* you love so effortlessly and unconditionally
* you do love pink
* you like to collect songs lyric
* you love to make scrapbook and smash book
* you love to collect key chains and stickers 
* you inspire me to look at the world differently

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