Sunday, November 17, 2013

30 days of thankful 2013 Edition Part 2


Day 10: Thankful for my Sundays

It's not because of the Sunday itself but the weekend. Sometimes I do wish we still have Friday and Saturday as our weekend instead of Saturday and Sunday, just because Friday is a holy and big day for Muslim. So many things to do on Fridays.

Day 11: Thankful for the alternative road to Putrajaya from where I live

This makes my trip to the office so much faster and stress free. I am not wasting too much time on the road.

Day 12: Thankful for spagetti aglio oilio

I am thankful for spagetti in general and I am thankful for sagetti aglio oilio. I have been obsesses with spagetti this week and I ate them almost everyday.

Day 13: Thankful for the reminder app on my iphone

I am thankful for my reminder app because so far I am on track with all the things I need to do or eat. So far I have been reminded to take a nap, to takr my pills, to wakeup, to download things, to check off to dos from my lists and many more.

Day 14: Thankful my ipad retina display 

I am thankful for my ipad. I just cannot finished this blog post without giving thanks to ipad just because I am updating this blog using my ipad.

Day 15: Thankful for my husband

I am thankful for my husband who has been with me through out the years. We have been together since like forever. Life is hard enough and somehow he makes things better.

Day 16: Thankful for my friends

I am thankful for my friends for being there when I needed them the most, for listening to all my chaos and heart ache and for being my cheerleader.

Day 17: Thankful for my beautiful hometown

I just love going back to my hometown. Somehow this place makes me feel at home and clam. This is where I belong. At peace with myself and my thoughts. Somehow it is hard to be sad and depress here.

For more information about this project you can click here. There’s no wrong way of doing this project. I did this project almost every year and it is always fun to see what were the things you are thankful for way back when.

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