Sunday, October 6, 2013

Update on my 30 day of selfie

Earlier this month I decided to take a 30 day self portrait challenge as suggested in A Beautiful Mess book. I did embarked on this project some time in August. Some how it got done half way. So this month I decided to pursue this challenge again.

So here are six photos of my selfie taken for the last six days. I used only iphone 5, Camera + , Snapseed and Phonto app.

#selfie day 1

Every morning I have to drive for work. Before that I take a role of a driver and drive my daughter to school and my youngest to daycare. I just have to get out of the house almost at the same time every day just to make sure that I can reach my office in time. (I really hate punch card! I think in 21st century punch card is so unreal when you are expected to work almost all the time). So I do need a good and reliable car as a mode to transportation. Even though I hate driving, I still can appreciate a good and high quality car. Love my car.

Selfie day 2It's Wednesday morning and it's the second day of October. To tell the truth I thought today is Thursday. I just can't wait for weekend to come. I just want to stay at home, play with Hanif and create art. Life should be simple and drama free. That's my goal till the end of the year.  Day 3

Taking a photo of your reflection is a little bit challenging for me when I used only my iphone. (this makes me crave iphone5s which can take great photos in low light situation). Not enough light and a lot of noise are the two things I have to except with this photo.

Day 4

It's the end of the week. Life is so amazing lately and slowly getting back to normal. Some thing to note about this shoes, I am loving this shoes. It's so comfortable and easy on my feet. I love it.

Day 5

Originally I wanted to go to ikea but somehow we ended up at Alamada. Outing with this little guy is a challenge now. He walks around the mall and easily distracted with things especially when he can play with them. 

My workout essential

I have been workout for as long as I can remember. Life is so much better when you move around and exercise. Currently these are my daily tools I use for working out. I might mix and match them for variety purposes but I did them always.

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