Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Finds // October twenty fifth

Today is the last Friday of October. Next week we will welcome November. Imagine that! In less than three months 2013 will be over. So how’s your goals or resolution so far? There’s still time to accomplish them.

#1. Finding your photos when you want to be a certain project can be a hassle when you have thousands of photos to choose from. Ever since they discontinue Photoshop album, I haven’t found anything that I want to use for photo organization. I am glad to know that Photoshop Elements 11 has photo organization features that can help you organize your ever growing collections of your digital assets. I might give this a try to see if it fits with my style and I might try the tips shown in It’s Time To Scrap – Do you know where your photos are? article from the

#2. I am super excited to find a few beautiful kits in the store today. So many to choose from. Document this kit by laurie ann is one of the kit I might add to my collection this week.


#3. Dead Inside by Sissy Sparrows. I would love to make a layout out of this kit. It’s dark and touches the deepest feeling that I have been experiencing lately.


#4. I can really make a cool layout with these ribbon shapes by Just Jaimee


#5. I love making list and 10 things right now is a great way to document your daily life in lists. I might follow along Ali’s 10 things right now with other theme or other member of my family.

#6. I am totally in love with ipad Air. It’s love at the first sight. Before I saw the announcement from Apple, I already set my heart on iphone 5S but when I saw ipad Air, I really want to own this first. I just hope that it will be available in Malaysia soon.


#7. Another beautiful kit to document your everyday – Document Everything by Bella Gypsy.


#8. It’s nice to be able to make an art journal or layout about yourself – the one behind the camera, the one telling the stories. All About Me 3 by Design be Wild looks like a good kit to start with. I love Paris, I wish one day I could come and visit.


I hope you enjoy my little finds for this week. Have a great and beautiful weekend with the love ones!

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