Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Finds // October Eleven

Hi everyone! It's Friday again. This month sure does more faster. I am on Friday Finds again. Somehow it felts just like yesterday. Anyway, I had such a fun and informative week that I would love share with you. Learning and discovering new things is so much fun.
Here are my lists for this week:

#1. I am in a quest to a flat tummy for about a week now. Exercise alone doesn't help reducing the bloating.

#2. I heard so many great reviews of Michael Todd Skin care line. I am wondering if I can find them here in Malaysia.
#3. All the beauty channel I've subscribed to is doing September favorites. I just love watching videos like this, this and this. This is how I learn about beauty products worth checking out.

#4. Superstitious by Libby Pritchett

#5. I just love this beautiful and colorful kit from traci reed and erica zane - Sweetiekins

And making a layout like this .. so pretty

#6. I need to print my photos but somehow I find it very hard to pick which one to print. I love the idea of organizing and choosing the photos you want to print by month and year. And when everything is organize you can just send them to print with your selphy at one sitting or bring them to your local photo printer and print them in bulk.

#7. Sometimes when I am having trouble with daily photo challenge I've always refer to blog like this. And sometimes I also made my own lists of ideas a head of time for a month. I find out documenting and capturing your life in photos is much more easier especially when you can do it with your phone.

#8. I have been doing Focus T25 for awhile now and I kind of miss doing Jillian Killer Abs Workout. I might do Workout 2 this weekend to mix things up. It's good idea to surprise your body once in awhile so that you would not be bored.

Have a fun and creative weekend everyone!

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