Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Focus T25 Gamma Week Two Review

I already finished with Focus T25 Gamma Week Two. I did not see my weight decreased. Weight lifting makes you hungry. I need to be aware of that.t25-gamma Current weight: 57kg

My Review and Tips

  • I am still having problem completing Pyramid. This workout is tough when you focus and really work the muscle
  • I have already used 8 pound weights this week
  • I need to increase my water in take. 3 litter a day might not be enough
  • I still don’t like Speed 3.0. A lot of floor workout make it harder to focus. So many activities to remember and focus on. Hopefully by week 3 I will get the hang of it. I still hate the music
  • I am happy that finally this week I can fit into my pre pregnancy clothes after having trouble to zip up
  • If I have to choose I love Extreme Circuit best compare to the other.
  • I am thinking of increasing my cardio workout to two times this week. I really need more cardio

I am not really looking forward to week 3 just because I have two Pyramid workout schedule for this week. It is not one of favourite just because it is tough.

I have less then two weeks with this program. I might take a break from doing any program for two or three weeks. I plan to do some random workout DVD from my collection. After that I might jump into Insanity program. We will see how I progress.


sakina. without H! said...
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sakina. without H! said...

Salam sister, I read all your post regarding the T25 and I really hope if you could suggest to me where did you buy the t25 plan. I saw at lelong and one of the fitness website (M'sia) but not sure whether they really sells it. I hope you can reply my comment. Btw you really look amazing and it really inspires me to work out and to be just like you. :) Please share more on the results

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