Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Focus T25 Gamma // Week Four Review

My last and final week doing Focus T25 Program. It was such a fun and amazing journey for me. I am glad and happy that I’ve managed to do the whole program consistently. By the end of the program I did get really ripped but I felt so much better and I can fit into my pre pregnancy clothes. I don’t really changed my diet but I try to eat a moderate amount.t25-gamma

My last and final review:

  • Speed 3.0 is definitely one tough workout. I hate doing Burpee but I still do it.

  • I still hate doing The Pyramid just because it is one tough workout. I think I only did this workout only once last week

  • I did Extreme Circuit twice last week and it was great. I love love this workout. I think for the next two weeks I might do all the workout I love from Focus T25 program
  • Overall I had such a great time doing the program. It was manageable just 25 minutes a day, and the workout is fast pace

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