Thursday, October 10, 2013

5 tips to help you be more productive

Achieving Work Life Balance has been one of the agenda at my work place. We have been so busy focusing on doing our job 24/7 that some of us forgot to have a life.

I always felt stress out when my life is out of balance. Without realizing it, my mind, my body and my soul are giving me signs all over to demand that I pause, take a deep breath and look at my life in general.

When that happened I usually felt very sick, got pounding headache and have trouble sleeping at night. Over the years, I’ve learned to fine the work life balance so that I can be more productive in what ever I do.


Tip #1: Make a workout or exercise an important agenda of the day

Over the years, I found out that doing a regular exercise daily really helps lift up my mood and energize me through out the day. Doing something good for your body does gives you the satisfaction that you are doing something good for your body.

Tip #2: Make a daily to do list no matter how routine or trivia the tasks are

I found out that the moment I put down all the things I need to do either personal or for work that I am responsible for in a form of to do list, some how it’s magically clear up my mind from thinking about it all the time. Besides checking things off from your lists is very satisfying

Tip #3: Turn off  email notification on  pc or iphone

I realized that having my email notification on either on my pc or my iphone is very distracting. I tend to stop what I was doing and immediately  check that email regardless the nature of the email. And than I totally forgot about what I was doing.

So I decided to check my email early in the morning and in the afternoon and I would allocate one hour in the afternoon to response to any urgent matters that need my attention.

Tip #4: Be very selective about what you put inside your body

Eating unhealthy food can contribute to your overall fitness level and competency. I realized that during morning meeting when I ate “nasi lemak” I tend to be sleepy and can’t focus. So I’ve stop myself from eating food that makes me sleepy by taking my own breakfast that energize me before going to meetings.

Tip #5: Learn a tool or tools that can enhance your life

I am a tech savvy. I just got to try all the new apps and the new gadgets in the market. But when I’ve found tools that work really well with my life style I am totally hooked. The tools that have really transformed and helped me be more productive in every aspect of my life are iphone and Evernote. Having these two tools with me all the time really free up my mind from remembering things. I kept most of my life in Evernote [work and personal], I throw in or capture ideas in Evernote and even keept emails that I want to refer back into Evernote. These gives me a peace of mind and I can sleep better at night.

The trick with tools and technology is you just have to find a workflow that works for your life style.

There you have it five simple tips to help you be more productive either at work or at home. Life is too short to be working all the time. Other aspect of your life need attention too.

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