Sunday, October 27, 2013

30 day self portrait challenge // Week 4

This challenge really help me to learn to love myself. All the things that comes with it. I really have to dig deep and make peace with all my flaws and to celebrate my strength.

day 21: Me in Black and White

Day 21: black and white 

Me on the way to work – in black and white

day 22: Me and Hazim

Day 22: me and hazim

Me and my first born. I love you forever and always

day 23: Focus on something unexpected

Day 23: focus on something unexpected

Me at work. While busy working I always have a drink with me either coffee, milk or tea.

day 24: Unique Personal Detail


My unique personal detail that I want to focus today is my glasses. I've been wearing glasses since my days in collage. Since the day I discovered computer, my eye sight has been compromise. I just can't stop looking at the green screen and typing in codes. Those were the days when there's no screen protector and there's no internet and no windows.

day 25: Something in my hand


my own personal assistant that I always hold in my hand is non other than iphone 5. I've been loving this gadget since the first day I hold it in my hand. This device totally change my lifestyle. I can't imagine my life without this lovely phone.

day 26: Use Prop

Day 26

Our team has to collect all three balls for a team challenge. We managed to get all three by crossing the river and find the balls. It’s such a great day for all of us.

day 27: Makeup essential

Day 27

The first makeup I’ve bought was a lipstick. Until now lipstick has been apart of my adult life. It’s the one thing I carry with me always.

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