Sunday, October 20, 2013

30 day self portrait challenge // Week 3

I had such an amazing Week 3. October has been good so far except for a minor flu and headache I’ve been feeling lately.

day 14 Day 14: me without makeuo

I went for my monthly facial at the Garden, MidValley. After the treatment I went looking for my kids at MidValley without any makeup on.

day 15 Day 15 : upside down

Life would be interesting if we could look at it from different perspective.

day 16 Day 16: Me and Azman at KL

I took the day off today. Got to spend it with Azman. Having lunch and cursing around KL.

day 17 Day 17 day 18 Day 18: me at work day 19 Day 19: fun with color

I wasn't feeling so good today. I have a horrible headache. Everything seems so wrong today. Playing with color is the most fun thing ti do. Colors makes my life more fun and interesting

day 20 Day 20

One of my favorite thing in the world during Sunday is to catch up on my favorite TV show. I love the quiet and calm morning when everybody is still sleeping and you are just by yourself in doing your thing.

Take a peek at my Week Two progress right here.

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