Thursday, October 24, 2013

10 things right now

I've been reading about 10 things Right now at Ali's Blog and I decided to make one of my own. It's a snapshot of my life at this moment.

 #1. I am so excited with the announcement of ipad Air by Apple last Tuesday. I might not  be in a market for a new ipad but I still want one. Thinking about it gives me goose bump.

#2. School holiday is coming soon and I really want to take a family vacation. Going somewhere fun and exciting with my kids. I love taking my kids to places where they can enjoy the culture and the people.

#3. My goal for the next few weeks is to print out as many photos as possible and make a journal or smash book about my life in random.

#4. The next few weeks is going to be super busy. Wrapping things up at work and at home. Make a list of all my unfinished business and goals for the rest of the year, so that I don't miss anything important.

#5. I would love to see myself as a victim but somehow the word victim doesn't suit me well. I am basically a happy person and being unhappy is not something I welcome with open arms.

#6. I have been looking for a point and shoot camera with wifi for more than a month. So far canon, nikon and samsung have the model I've been looking for but somehow when I hold them in my hand I did not feel any spark. 
One day I held Sony NEX5 while shopping at KLCC and it was love at the first sight. Somehow this little camera fits what I am looking for and more. I am so in love with it. And the hunt is over just like that.

#7. I am taking an online class Digi Dig Deep at Jessica Sprague. I love learning new technique making different kind of layout. I wasn't train to be a designer but somehow most of my work require designing skill and thinking outside the box. Jessica method of teaching is easy to follow and understand. I love the self paced style.

#8. I am watching Private Practice Season 5 and Season 6 back to back right now. Wow! Such an emotional roller coaster for me. Watching these episodes back back is not a good idea. I just can't stop crying especially when I watched the episode where Amelia gave birth to her son (with no frontal lobe) and she let him go to be organs donor to other babies. It's too hard to watched. It makes me feel like hugging my baby.

#9. I am enjoying having my own personal cloud at my disposal, My Book Live 3 TB. I have access to my document, photos, movies and data from my laptop, my ipad and my iphone. It's like an extension of my mobile devices.

#10. I am beginning to make peace with IOS 7. I am enjoying the new interface and the new features that IOS7 has to offer. The clean and simple design is the way to go at the moment. I am still waiting for a few of my apps to have a new look and feel to take advantage of IOS7.

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