Thursday, September 26, 2013

seventeen months

hanif2-17months hanif-17months

Such a beautiful age to be. I am so enjoying every moment with him. Some random things about him:

  • He can imitate activities
  • He can pronounce ‘mak’, ‘nak’, ‘abah’ clearly
  • He can walk. Finally he is brave enough to let go
  • He dump an object
  • He can drinks from a cup
  • He already eats a lot of grown up foods
  • He has lots of teeth already
  • We have a power struggle when I want to put him in a car seat. I have to be firm about it. He will be ok after I fasten his seat belt. Apparently he wants to test me.
  • He loves books
  • He loves playing with his power and baby lotion
  • I swear I though I heard him singing and mumbling when he is playing by himself.
  • An he loves playing with his toy cars

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