Monday, September 30, 2013

My lovely September

I had such a fun and lovely September. This month I started doing #30lists project and the first prompt was what's new so far this year. I just love making list and I am so sorry to see the end of the project. I am so looking forward to next year list.
List 1

I just can' believe how similar they both are. My two boys looked almost the same at the same age.

I just love making a layout like this, it is fun and it is different. Totally out of my comfort zone.

I am enough-web

I have been obsess with instax mini polaroid since last month but I haven't convinced myself that it was a wise investment at this time. So to fulfill my instax mini polaroid obsession I made a DIY Instax mini template in A4 size so that I can print them with my Canon E510 printer.
Photo 16-09-2013 23 39 08

And I also started doing Focus T25 Beta Cycle workout. I love this cycle just because it is fun and challenging at the same time. And I am totally obsess with Speed 2.0

I am jumping up and down when I finally held Canon Selphy cp900 in my hand. This is the most fun and creative little printer I have ever owned. And it got wireless connection so that I can print directly from my iphone.

My darling Hanif turned seventeen month this month. Seeing him grow and blossom into a beautiful baby boy is such a joy and fun experience.


To continue learning, I decided to enroll in another Digital Scrapbook Course by Jessica Sprague called Digi In Deep. I am learning so much just in Lesson 1 alone. I am already doing lesson 2 and currently practicing all the cool technique I learned in that course.

Oh I also upgrade to ios7 for my iphone and ipad. The new design totally grow on you. I don't really like the interface at first but after awhile I learn to appreciate the simple design. And it's totally fun to play around with the new features.

I hope you had a blast September. I know I am. I am so looking forward to October because I know that this month is going to move way too fast. My calendar is almost full for October.

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