Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Focus T25 Beta Cycle // Week 5 Review

I love Week 5 even though I did not see the scale moving down. I think I've reached my plateau. Maybe I should monitor my inches because some people notice that I've loose weight. Hemmm...

Weight today: 57.0 kg

My Review:
  • In week 5,we were doing Ript Circuit three times. In order for me to feel the workout I used 8 pounds of dumbell
  • I am so loving Speed 2.0 and I did this workout two times this week just for fun
  • I am starting to love Dynamic Core
  • I am trying to watch what I ate but I just love "Roti Canai" , so I consume it twice this week. I hope I can get rid of it by doing Speed 2.0 (hehehe)
  • Stretching… hemmm I am still not doing it which is bad especially when it comes to Dynamic Core workout. I am just not flexible enough to straight my legs and do V
This week I am moving on to Gama Cycle. I am so looking forward to challenge myself physically. I am thinking of jumping into Insanity program after I've finished with T25 program. We will if I can get through Insanity. It might be fun just to challenge myself and see what else I can accomplish.

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