Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Focus T25 Beta Cycle // Week 4 Review

I did not have a great Week 4. I spend the week doing the workout early in the morning and I just can’t push myself harder just because I am not fully awake yet. Maybe doing the workout early in the morning is not a good idea. ( I just love the idea of checking off the workout early in the morning. That way I don’t have to deal with it when I am tired late in the evening)
Weight today: 57.5 kg

My weight start creeping up just because I did not control my eating during three days vacation at Labuan and I just can’t stop eating chocolates. So my plan for week 5 is to double up my routine to make for my off days. Hopefully I can loose that 1kg that I gained.
My Review:
  • In week 4, I feel like Ript Circuit is getting less challenging except for the core routine. I need to use heavier weight this week
  • I am still loving Speed 2.0 and I just can’t get enough of it. I might double the workout with Speed 2.0 just for fun.
  • Core Cardio is getting more fun for me even tough I still felt like it’s the longest 25 minutes ever
  • Not watching what I ate really caused me my ideal weight. So for week 5 I am going to be a little bit critical of what I ate and see if it makes a lot of different
  • Stretching… hemmm I still need to squeeze that in into my routine
I am so looking forward to Week Five of Beta Cycle. I am still need to reached my target weight which is 55kg (maybe? hemmmm I might continue with Gamma cycle if I did not see any big changes this week)

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