Friday, September 27, 2013

ecourse Digi: In Deep

Lesson 1

I love learning new techniques especially using Adobe Photoshop. 

"Digi: In Deep is the third in Jessica's series of online digital scrapbooking courses. If you have quite a bit of digital scrapbook experience, and you know your Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Element than this class is for you!
Designed for more advanced digital scrapbookers, Digi: In Deep will introduce new ways of completing basic tasks to speed up your scrapping, and lots of advanced tricks I've never taught anywhere before! In this four-week video-based class, you'll create SIX layouts (plus additional between-layout assignments for practice) and learn how to:
  • improve your photos with photography tips and editing (one of our weekly layouts actually begins with a special photography assignment, and then walks you through the editing and layout creation)
  • speed up basic tasks with hotkeys and shortcuts for drawing, masking, cropping, color enhancement, and more!
  • dive deep into masking using adjustment layers, gradients, selections, and shapes
  • create and use patterns and custom shapes
  • create and manipulate simple and complex selections
  • create your own templates to share with others
  • use the Preset Manager to create your own custom brush sets and save commonly used settings
  • " excerpt from product description.
Jessica is a great teacher. She split one lesson into multiple session, you can follow along easily and didn't get overwhelmed. The great thing about this course is it is a self pace style and it is available to you as long as there's internet. 

Lesson 1 is all about making unusual shapes, Create straight scalloped edges on patterned paper, wrap ribbon around objects, Hang a tag from ribbon and create compound masks for a single sheet of patterned paper. I have never really play with unusual or complex shapes before but this lesson really open my eyes and make me see things differently especially when making a layout.

Here are a few layouts I made using the technique I learn from the class. I still have a long way to go to prefect this technique but I am still happy that now I have the skill to do them.

Blink-web once upon a time-web believeinyourself-web

Now I am ready to continue with lesson 2. So exciting!

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