Monday, September 30, 2013

#currentlylist // September thirty

Amazingly, today is the last day of September. We will welcome October tomorrow and from that point on everything will be moving in a super speed mode.
This is my list for today

: Hit the Floor
reading: Ikea 2014 catalogue again
playlist: Jennifer Lopez Love album
making: I am making a smash book style book of my 366 project for 2012. Suddenly I have the urge to print all of my 366 photos of 2012 and smash them in a notebook. I just like touching them and walk down memory. I had such an amazing 2012 and I don’t want it to sit on my blog tuck away in 2012 archive.
feeling: loved
planning: to prepare a notebook and a system for my 365 Project for 2014. I want to enter this project prepare and planned. So by the end of 2014 I have great photos that will bring lots of joy and memories to me and my family.
loving: Western Digital My Book Live
weight: I am still at 57.0 kg ( I think I am in plateau mode.. my weight doesn't seems to move down but people seem to notice that I've loose weight... hemmmm)
Come and join the fun
Curious what my lists look like last week?
Check it here

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