Monday, September 9, 2013

#currentlylist // September Nine

I just can't believe that my weekend is over. I am always sad to see Monday just because I have to send my son to a daycare and I have to go to work. I got so many weekend project on my lists that I ended up doing all of them but I didn't finished anything. I really need to pick just one project focus on them and finished it before moving on to the next project.
This is my list for today

: rewatching Alias season 4
reading:The Secrets of Happy Families by Feiler

listening: to the sound of my printer, printing my digital photos. Love how my photos look after the print
making: smash book for myself just for fun  
feeling: excited
planning: to complete my #30lists book my next weekend
loving: facial tea tree mask by Body Shop
weight: 56.0 kg 

Come and join the fun
Curious what my lists look like last week?
Check it here

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