Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ramadan Goals // 1434H


It felt like yesterday I was at home making a lists of the things I want to accomplish during Ramadan and that was a year ago. This year I already resume my life as a working mother. One thing for sure is time will be moving way to fast and I will spend most of that time stuck in a traffic jam on the way back home. I just hope that I will be home on time for iftar. I am still contemplating delegating buying food for iftar to my eldest son.

I love making lists and setting goals. Setting an achievable goals for this month will help me stay focus and fill my time with important things. 

This Ramadan I intend to..

  • Plan a healthy meal during Iftar and Sahur  
  • Salah Tarawih every night either by myself or with my kids. I just hope Hanif will be kind enough to play by himself during that time.
  • take daily photos during this month to document my life
  • recite Quran everyday after every Salah if possible
  • write and capture life little details on flava 
  • eat less not more
  • continue to breastfeed my baby
  • drink at least 2 liter of water
  • exercise at least 30 minutes a day

What are your goals for Ramadan? Any special preparation and planning for the month?

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