Friday, June 21, 2013

forty two

Today I celebrate my forty two birthday. I am so thankful and grateful that I got a chance to celebrate it with someone special. It feel surreal. Life that I thought would never happen, is happening.

At forty one I made a g-lists for my birthday and that really kept me going. I decided to continue making this tradition and kept a g-lists at my forty two my birthday.


I am thankful that…
* I am still alive to celebrate my 42 birthday with someone special
* I have my health
* I have a beautiful family with me
* I have one of the fastest internet connection currently in Malaysia
* I still have the opportunity to watch my children grow up
* growing old, hopefully much wiser
* I can take the day off to chill out
* my parents are still here to wish me happy birthday
* I can still smile and be happy with what I have
* I have the energy to exercise, feel good and look good
* I have iphone 5 to amuse me and keep me entertain all the time
klewis-eatcake-happy birthday

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