Wednesday, June 26, 2013

10 things dropbox

I have been using dropbox for over a year now. At first I don’t really know what to do with only 2.0GB of space. Back then I had a slow internet connection and the only time I use dropbox is when I am in front of a pc at home and in the office.

Then when I have an iphone and an ipad, I am starting to see the benefit of having a dropbox, a.k.a usb drive on the go. You can have all your important files with you all the time. Now I am finally thinking maybe I might need more storage.

Here are my top 10 things I used or might use my dropbox for

#1. I don’t send attachment emails to myself anymore. If I have a certain documents I wanted to read later at home, I just put it in my dropbox folder. I will have a copy of the documents in every of my devices.

#2. Share folders with my family. I don’t email photos and documents anymore to my family. I just share a folder with them and they can access the related files anytime, anywhere.

#3. Camera Upload. This is a nice feature to have for your phone especially. If you enabled this feature, you will get 3.0GB extra. Since I have tons of photos I disabled the automatic feature just because I have reached my limits.

#4. Link third party apps to dropbox llike TinyScan and To Do. This way I can have the same content in my iphone and my ipad

#5. Download files from your iphone or ipad by using ‘Open in Dropbox’ feature. This way I can immediately download content to my dropbox and have them available to me from my laptop.


If I have lots of space I might use dropbox to

#6. Backup all my contents

#7. Save all my zip files unopen for future reference

#8. Photo galleries that I can share with my friends and family. I really love flickr as a place to upload my photos but with all the changes they made to flickr I am not sure if I want to continue.

#9. A Collaboration space when working with my team. It’s easy and fun to share a team content in a cloud. This way no one can say they forget to bring files or documents in a meeting. It is available to them anywhere they go.

#10. Store all my digital media especially music and videos.

If you don’t have a dropbox, you can subscribe here and get additional 500MB free. Give it a try, who knows you might like it.

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SiskiyouSue said...

I agree, I love Dropbox, it has made some things much easier, but there just isn't enough space!

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