Wednesday, May 29, 2013

iphone // it’s more than just a phone

I have been an iphone user for about two years now. I bought my first iphone 4 just because I wanted to jump into instagram and I was so curious to see why people go crazy with iphone.

My first impression of the iphone wasn’t so great just because I was so accustom to Android and the seamless integration with all things google.  After I got over the initial shocked of having to sync my data to itunes , I started to warm up to it. After awhile, I am totally hook with the phone. There’s no turning back. This is not just a phone to me but it has become an important part of my life. The iphone has become my lifestyle.

1. It’s my go to camera

Ever since I got my iphone, I’ve been using the camera phone more and more compare to my dslr. With iphone 5, I totally forgot that I have a compact camera in my bag. The image is just so beautiful. With the right apps it can be a masterpiece


Hipstamatic is my favorite apps so far and beautifulmess is a fun app to add flavor to your photo.

2. It’s my digital album

People don’t print their photos anymore. One of the ways that you can enjoy your photo is by using your iphone as your photo album. It’s just beautiful to see and touch your digital photo with a retina display

3. It’s my music player

I don’t buy CDs any more. All my music are in digital format and sit on my iphone and my computer. Even though the sound isn’t as great as a sony player but it’s great enough for me to enjoy those beautiful songs.


Having an app like this (AirCassette) makes playing music a little bit fun

4. It’s my reminder and to do list

It’s just handy to have your reminder with you all the time. It seems impossible to forget things.

5. It’s my alarm clock

I don’t have an alarm clock anymore. My iphone is totally has become my alarm

6. It’s my ebook

Having a book with my everywhere I go is an amazing feeling. I used to carry a heavy book everywhere I go. Not anymore. Everything is at my finger tips.


7. It’s my movie player

Having an app like Azul media Player, I can watch my downloaded movies and TV series right on my iphone

8. It’s my social connector. I use my phone for all my social networking – facebook, twitter, flickr, instagram, pintrest, etsy, google + and many more

9. It’s my scanner

I hardly use my scanner anymore. Having an app like TinyScan and JotNot Pro Scanner totally changed the way I captured my digital documents

10. It’s my digital notebook

Finally no more jotting things down on paper notebook. Most of the little things I just type in my phone. Using app like Awesome notes and Evernote really makes taking notes so much fun and handy.


Do you have iphone or any other smart phones
that you use more than just making calls?
What other things do you used your phone for?

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