Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Beautifulmess // App review

When it comes to camera apps or photo editing apps I am such a fan. Over the years I've collected a lot of camera and photo editing apps from the Apple store.
So when Elsie announced that they are releasing a photo editing apps for iphone, ipad and ipod touch, I was so excited. I know that anything they came up with is going to be one of a kind and fun.
I got mine the day it was release without hesitation.

My thoughts on this app
• I really like the icon. It's super cute and pink!
• the app comes with a few build in filters
• the unique thing about this app is, it has doodle function, draw by Elsie and Emma
• after you have finished editing your photo, you can share it via Instagram, facebook, twitter or email
• I really like the doodles especially all the cute arrows
• the app is addictive. I just can't stop playing with it

#ABeautifulMess #Tuesday #morning #happy

What I like to see in the next update?
•  the ability to take photo right from the app
•  add my own fonts like Phonto
•  more free filters
•  more fun free background
•  more free doodles

Have you played with Beautifulmess app
Do you like them?
Do you see yourself using it over and over again?

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1 comment:

E'in said...

wahhh... kite pun nak upload utk ipad kite laa... thanks kak!

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