Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Today I…

  • wore Naked 2 eyeshadow by Urban decay. It’s amazing how colors can make you happy
  • decided to be happy
  • was very busy in the morning and not that busy in the evening (talking about work)
  • am worried that my baby has an on and off relationship with fever. I am hoping the fever will go away today
  • was glad that I arrived safely home before heavy rain
  • am loving my new foundation from Laura mercer foundation and press powder
  • am still thinking about Sephora. Oh boy! I’ve been beaten..
  • like Cappuccino Herbalife shake more and more
  • suddenly missed my life in Pittsburgh. I hope one day I will have the chance to visit it again
  • counting down till my son first birthday. So excited!
  • am a little bit disappointed that I have miss two days workout. My baby’s health and well being take priority. I hope that tomorrow everything will go back to normal
  • did make one layout using Life Captured: January kit by Pixelily for her grand opening

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