Tuesday, April 16, 2013

little things that make me happy

I love making lists of simple things in life that makes me happy, like this post and this post. Being happy is not accidental, it’s a decision. You have to decide to be happy. When I watched Life is Beautiful movie back in 1997, I was a little bit sceptical with the idea of you can be happy in a stressful time. I usually thought that when this happened than I can be happy, like when I have money than I can be happy or when my kids behave than I can be happy or when my husband loves me than I can be happy. If that is the case than I can never be happy period.

Over the years I’ve learned that if you want to be happy, than be happy. Find or do little things that makes you happy. No one in the world can make you happy except yourself.

Currently I find such joy and pleasure with these things (in no particular order)

1. Scrapbooking

After all these years, scrapbooking can always make me happy. I just love creating beautiful layouts with my photos and document my life


2. Photography

Documenting your life through your camera lens is so liberating. Every time I looked at my old photos I was transport to that moment. Now I am happy that my eldest son is taking an interest in photography.


3. Fast internet connection

Back in 2005, having an internet connection was such a blessing but now having a fast internet connection is already a must. I just can’t believe how technology changed in less than ten years.

4. Cornetto Ice Cream – as always, ice cream can lift my spirit almost immediately

5. Flickr

I have been using flickr for almost seven years now and I am really happy with the service. I used to park my edited and selected photos there and now I have used flickr as my backup photo storage. I just wish in the future they will include a camera upload function right inside the flickr for iphone app. I am happy that I can still use flickr almost everyday.


6. iphoneoraphy

Never in a million years I would turn to my phone as my backup and go to camera. Iphone really change that for me. Now I don’t miss a moment because I can capture my daily life and daily routine easily.


If you look hard all around you, will find a lot of things that you can do or turn to that makes you happy. When you think about it, I believe that you will find yourself busy with beautiful and happy things that sometimes you will forget to be sad or mad.

The most interesting I learned, I still find pleasure in all of these things. The style might change, the flavor might change but the main item is still the same.

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