Tuesday, April 30, 2013

#currentlylist // April 30

Today is the last day of April. Amazing how time flies when you were having fun. Life is moving at a lightning speed at the moment. I just have to hit the pause button just to breath and reflect.

--------------------------------------------------------------------- “8 Questions. 52 Weeks. Embracing Right Now. The Currently Journaling Challenge takes one minute out of your week to document your story right now.”

This is my list for today

  • watching: Star Trek Voyager Season 6
  • reading: Touch and go novel at Chapter Ten (moving very slowly)
  • listening: The Lucky One by Taylor Swift
  • making: the first twelve months video project for Hanif
  • feeling:anxious and hopeful
  • planning: taking a full advantage of my holiday (tomorrow is a public holiday. Yeah)
  • loving: the cool weather early in the morning

  • Curious what my lists look like last week?
    Check it here

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