Wednesday, April 24, 2013

10 tips for the voters [beginner’s guide] #pru13

The even that happens once every five years or less if we are lucky – the General Election! This is the time when people voices are heard, people opinions are counted and people thoughts matter.
Are we ready for change? That is basically the most basic question in everybody’s mind right now. All the voters are subject to free information through the internet. We are feed with all kinds of things about the parties and the nominated people. At the end of the day, we the voters will vote for party or people that they can trust, believable and can lead us to a better future.
I have been a voter for more than ten years and I have voted for three times. To all the voters out there (especially the young ones), here are a few things you can do before and on the polling day.
1. Check your polling location at You don’t want to be at the wrong place on that day and miss your opportunity to vote.
2. Bring your identification card! Without the card you are not allow to vote
3. Wear presentable clothing without any political logos.
4. Be yourself and relax. You should enjoy the process, it’s the most historical event for you as a voter.
5. If possible take a lot of photos. You cannot take photo inside the polling station. Other than that restricted area, feel free to snap away.
6. No long finger nails.
7. Be sure to put the right vote into the right box. You have two votes, one for Parliament and one for DUN.
8.Take care of your health. You want to be healthy on the polling day. Being sick on the day the nation are eager to choose the leader is not fun.
9. Don’t discuss who or which political party you choose. REMEMBER your vote is confidential.
10. Last but not least, which ever political party win the majority votes, believe that they will do their best to represent the people and make Malaysia a better place

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