Thursday, March 14, 2013

I was inspired to make these

With my current work load and schedule, making the time to make a layout is really challenging. I just can’t go through the week without making anything creative and express myself through digital scrapbooking.

Tips on how to squeeze your time for doing creative things

1. Set a side at least one hour to make your layouts. It can be one layout or two layouts. By the end of one hour you can just stop.

(Create Something Beautiful Kit by Jenn barrette and studio basic designs)

2. Spend at least one hour a day to just for window shopping or be inspired by other scrappers. Make a collection of those inspiration in your notebook.

(Currently Kit by meghan mullens)

3. Do your scrapbooking supply shopping during weekend only. Those were the times when you get the best deals.

(Patience relax breathe kit by jenn barrette)

4. Showcase your work either by blogging about it or uploaed your work to galleries, flickr or instagram. Feel good about your creations. It’s your story to tell and it’s a fun way to document your life.

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