Sunday, March 24, 2013

10 things #BrogaHill

Today I decided to to join my brother and his family to an expedition to climb Broga Hill. I have an intention to climb this hill since 2010 but somehow I never really make a plan to do it. This is definitely one of the experience worth having. Somehow this reminds me on my expedition climbing Mount Ledang back in my school days.
 broga_hill04This place was very popular among the youngster. The hill wasn’t that high but it was a bit steep. I totally did not expect that!
If you are forty and above and wanted to climb the hill, these are 10 tips that you can do before going there.
#1. Prepare yourself physically. Make sure you are physically fit because it is definitely challenging and not for someone with bad knee.
#2. Prepare yourself mentally. This is definitely a trip that can challenge your mental.
#3. Go before the sunrise. It is definitely worth while to start the trip early in the morning .
#4. Plan to have your Suboh Prayer at the top. That means, take ablution before going up there or bring lots of water and bring your clean mat.
#5. Drink healthy drink before starting your journey. I am one who can’t eat any solid food early in the morning. So I take my morning Herbalife shake before going out the door. It definitely help maintain my energy.
#6. Bring water. Don’t left your home without it. Staying hydrated through out the journey is very important.
#7. Don’t be afraid to take a rest in between. Listen to your body and never push beyond what you are capable of. I definitely stop for 5 minutes at least twice before reaching the top.
#8. Bring your own torch light because it was dark and the walking trail is very challenging.
#9. When climbing never look back if you are afraid of heights. Focus to trail  in front of you and take one step at the time.
#10. Last but not least have fun and take tons of photos.
Notes: Boba bay carrier is definitely helpful when climbing with a baby. My baby was carried at the back during the trip up and the trip down.
And one more thing, wear comfortable shoes. It can get a bit slippery on the way down. Without proper support you might fall down.

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