Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Finds // February Eight

Friday is here! I am looking forward to the long weekend ahead. It's Chinese New Year this Sunday and in Malaysia we take two days as a public holiday. Since I don't celebrate Chinese New Year, I plan to visit my parents and stay away from the city these holidays.

So my eye candy for today are:
#1 I love list. So I am so excited when I got a chance to participate in 30 days of lists this coming March.

#2 Here is another Project related to lists, 52 lists hosts by Moorea 

#3 New and improved
Maxis broadbandmodem
#4. Totally Crushin' by Valorie Brown

#5. Sketches: Girlie Love Template by Amy Martin.  Such a cute template.

#6. Great idea for an art work - Lipstick Art Inspiration

#7. Heartfelt by Red Ivy Designs

#8. Today Always Forever by gonewiththewin
Totally love her layout. Love the grundgy feeling and so so sweet. Beautiful photo too.

These little finds really helps to lift up my mood for today. Happy Friday and I am so looking forward to a great and creative weekend!
Do you have any little things that you do to help 
lift your spirit during a stressful work day?

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