Wednesday, February 27, 2013

#52lists2013 // Week 1 - Week 5

I started doing 52 lists project two weeks ago. It was already week 6 then. Ever since that day I 've been making the other lists from week 1 untill week 5. Typing your list on your ipad isn't easy, it's slow down my typing time tremendously.
Anyway, I am finally finished with Week 1 - Week 5 prompt.
Week 1
Week 1 // lists the words that touch your soul
Week 2
Week 2 // lists your greatest comfort
Week 3
Week 3 // lists the things you should be proud of
Week 4
Week 4 // lists your current and future goals and dreams
Week 5
Week 5

The 52 lists is a project hosted by Moorea Seal. This is one of many ways you can document your life , by using lists. Every week she will post a prompt and a downloadable PDF list above to write on. If you post about it on Twitter, Instagram, your blog, or Pinterest, then stop at her blog and link up your list.

Come and join the fun

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