Thursday, February 14, 2013

5 essential ipad apps for beginners

If you are new to ipad, you would probably wondering what apps do you have to install in your brand new gadget. The basic apps that comes with apple doesn’t really excite you. You want more and when you browse through the apple store you will see thousands of apps. The question is which one do you choose? That was basically how I felt the first time I have my ipad.

After using the ipad for more than a year, I install a lot of apps, some of them free and some of them are not. To me if this is your first ipad, you might want to consider having these five apps. I used these apps all the time. I don’t usually use facebook or twitter on my ipad, I prefer iphone for that.

#1. Penultimate


This was one of the first app I bought when I first have my ipad. It is the best handwritten apps out there. Doodling on this app is also fun. Since Evernote bought penultimate, you can automatically sync your notes to Evernote. The only thing that I hate about the new version is, I don’t have the option to keep my notes locally. I just don’t want every single notes sync automatically to Evernote.

Note: this app is not for you if you prefer typing your notes. It doesn’t have a typing option.

#2. Calendars by Readdle


I really prefer the Calendars by Readdle compare to the default calendar that comes with your ipad just because I love the look.

I love that you could

  • Drag & Drop events
  • Day, Week, Month and List view
  • Support custom repeating events
  • Sync with Google or iOS Calendar
  • Manage your calendars online and offline
  • the cool thing is it’s Universal for iPhone and iPad

#3. Evernote


I’ve upgrade my Evernote account to premium middle last year just because I’ve been using it all the time and I need more upload space. If you are new to Evernote, check out how to get content into Evernote . Give this app a try, you might like it.

#4. Photosync

imageTThis app totally change the way I transfer my photos from my iphone to my computer or from my computer to my ipad. No more cable! The only thing you have to remember is to make sure both of your devices are on the same wireless network.

#5. JotNot Scanner Pro


I used this app as a scanner. The cool thing about this app is you can scan multiple pages and convert the images to pdf format. I like that you can email your scanned document or upload it directly to Evernote.  This apps work for iphone and ipad.

And if you are a Muslim than you should download this

#6. iQuran HD


I just love the design because it was made specifically for ipad. It’s easier to read and you add notes to important verse.


I hope you enjoy these little tips from me and it can helps you decided which app that works for you.

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