Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Movies on my watch list 2013

I still haven’t finished watching all of the movies in my watch lists and 2013 comes with promises of a lot of great movies. With a baby in the house, I have very limited time to go out and watch the movies in the cinema. Most of the movie I watched were downloaded movies.

Anyway, I am so excited with all the movies in my lists today. I watched all the trailers and can’t wait to see the movies. Here are ten movies are on my watch lists right now.

#1. Hansel and Gretel – just because I like movies related to fairy tales and witches


#2. Upside Down – this movie managed to capture my attention. I love this kind of movie, out of the box and kept you thinking and visually stimulated.


#3. Man of Steel – it’s another Superman movie. I just hope this one doesn’t suck and it has Kevin Costner playing the dad.


#4. World War Z – just because I want to watch Brad Pitt


#5. Mortal Instrument: City of Bones – I love “the chosen one” kind of movie


#6. Oblivion – just because of Tom Cruise and I love sci fi movie


#7. Snitch – I love undercover movie and finding out the truth and justice. I am also hoping to see some action stunt from Dwayne Johnson.snitch-poster-dwayne-johnson

#8. Red 2 – just because I love the first one so much, I just can’t wait to see what the gang are up to.


#9. A Good Day to Die Hard – I grew up watching Die hard franchise and I will definitely looking forward to see this again


#10. Broken City – I am all about redemption and revenge. I hope the story line will keep me guessing and surprise.


#11. Olympus Has Fallen – this I would love to see


#12. Star Trek into Darkness – Star Trek, my favorite sci fi movie of all time


This is definitely a growing lists. I might make one every month.

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