Wednesday, January 2, 2013

January Goals

Hello everyone! Welcome to 2013. Usually every year I make a resolution for the whole year and I ended up not doing most of the things on my list. So this year I am going to make a monthly goals, achievable and something that I can easily do. Converting my big picture goals into smaller tasks.


So here go my lists/goals for January

  • take photos of objects that mean something to me
  • finished making digital scrapbook volume 2 photo book and send for printing. I really love how volume 1 turn out.
  • print selected photos from 2012 and compile them in a Journal style book
  • make at least 10 digital layouts per week
  • choose one little word for 2013. Last year I choose balance as my word for 2012. It wasn’t easy to live a balance life but I really do everything I can to achieve it.
  • Read Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 in Getting Things Done book. This is really an amazing book. I highly recommend it!
  • for this month I intend to go through Tell Its Story ebook. I probably will not share some of the intimated story here but I will definitely share my Art Journal designs.
  • Make at least one or two art journal pages per week

Do you make any specific goals this year?
Do you like making goals?
Share with me, I want to know.


CaDLyNN said...

happy new year..

lin nak jadi better person this year..nak tuka status..fuhhhh

wakgelas said...

wak pon sukak amek gambar jugakkk.. ahHKs

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