Thursday, January 24, 2013

It’s a photo book //Digital Scrapbook Volume 02 for 2012

Last October , I made Digital Scrapbook Volume 01 2012 photo book. It was cool to hold all my digital scrapbook layouts in my hand. Since I have a lot of digital scrapbook layouts made in 2012, I decided to split the book into two volume. So yesterday I got my Volume 02 photo book. I have a great deal with this book. I recommend that you watch out the deals they have for 55% off or even 80% off your purchased.

I used Photo Book Designer to design the book and upload it to Photobook Malaysia.
Price: RM 250.00 [including shipping] (It’s a discounted price) for 11’ x 11’ image wrapped photo book with an extra of 20 pages. phototbook-1phototbook-2phototbook-3phototbook-4

I haven’t tried any other photo book online printing in Malaysia just because some of them don’t print 11’ x 11’ photo book. So far I am happy with the quality of photobook Malaysia.

Do you print your photos as a photo book? Which online company do you recommend?

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