Sunday, January 20, 2013

Camerabag 2 // iphone app review

CameraBag 2 is an upgrade from the first generation of CameraBag. It’s a totally new app. If you already have CameraBag, you will have to install CameraBag 2. You will have two apps, one is CameraBag and the other one is CameraBag 2.


“CameraBag 2 borrows many of the same filters and looks from its predecessor, a few frames from its cousin Infinicam, and adds many great new looks of its own. The app now comes standard with 23 presets, most of which replicate vintage and current analog film styles. There’s also a Basics setting which lets you manually apply several effects to the raw image. for $1.99, you can upgrade to Pro and get over 30 more.” source lifeinlofi


Here are what I think about this app (the free version edition)

#1. It has nice filter to play with

#2. When you save your photo you have the option to save it as a full version or a reduce version

#3. You can share your photos via facebook, twitter, instagram or email it

#4. This app is also available on your desktop for USD$20. I just wish that they have a free version and is on the cloud. This way you will have access to your files regardless the device you are using

#5. Having a cloud sync at least to a dropbox or would be a nice touch. Maybe they will have a new update for that in the future

This is a straight forward apps. I really have fun playing with the filters and the borders. It is so easy to use.


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