Monday, December 31, 2012

day 363– day 366 // finished

Today is the last day of 2012 and that means it’s day 366. I just can’t believe that one year ago I decided to jump into Project 365 and today I am at the last day of the year.

day 363 – my last day of going to work for the year 2012


day 364 – my last Saturday of the year. Spending it with my kids. My baby is already 8 months old. I do miss him as an infant and at the same time I really enjoy him at this age. My little explorer.


day 365 – this photo was taken by my son. So creative and I love it.


day 366 – today I woke up early in the morning. Make a cup of warm milk. Sit down on my couch and recite Quran. Such a beautiful morning.


I am happy and excited that I have successfully managed to capture 366 daily photos of my life in 2012. Some days I took lots of photos and some days I took less. One thing is for sure, having an iphone with you all the time really helps with the capturing process. I am still haven’t decided if I want to continue doing this project in 2013. I will probably take a year break and give myself permission to explore other things.

XOXO – have a great, creative and happy new year

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