Tuesday, December 11, 2012

day 341–day 346 // blink

It’s the second week of December and it’s the busiest week ever! I have a full week with lots of activities and on top of it I have to squeeze in one day off from work because my baby day care centre  is close due to the public holiday in Selangor.
I am not sure how bad it is at work but I have to toughen up and face the music tomorrow. Life as a professional and a lactating mother isn’t easy. Some people just don’t get how challenging it is to keep continue breastfeed your baby when you have a full time job.
Only a few more days left in two thousand twelve and that means it’s only a few days left in Project 366 for this year. So here are a few from my last week till today.
day 341 – a baby and a remote control, classic.
day 342 – my daughter at NRE in the forest
day 343 – it is very seldom I got to see him cry, so I took a picture first before I sooth him.
day 344 – another busy day for this little guy. So many area to explore.
day 345 – play time before bed
day 346 – a classic kid’s game called ceper. It cost $1.00 for these five bottle caps.

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