Sunday, December 23, 2012

Back to School Shopping for 2013

Schools will be open in less than two weeks. It’s about time that we take stock of all the schools supplies that we have and only buy what we don’t have or broken. I really love shopping for back to school, so this year I decided to shop at Jaya Jusco Mid Valley just because I know that they have a lot of varieties too choose from and most of the items are on sale until end of the year.
These are what I bought for all my three kids – two high school boys and one primary school girl.

#1. School Bags
(guess which one belongs to my girl?)

#2. Sharpie markers – got to have this one in multi colors

#3. Sharperner, Stapler Bullets and Stabilo Pencil Leads

#4. a dozen of pencils and a stickies (I would probably use this for work)backtoschool18

#5. A Puncher and a Sticky Memo Pad (multi color)backtoschool17

#6. Another cute Sticky padbacktoschool16

#7. Crayon with 12 colors from Stabilobacktoschool15

#8. Mechanical Pencil , Multi color Highlighters, Erasers and Stop System School Compass from Maped


#9. Clear tapes – mostly this one is for me. I used it as a sticky when I used plastic wrapper

#10. Clear Plastic Wrapperbacktoschool12

# 11. A cute bottle water for my daughterbacktoschool11

#12. Correction tape, liquid paper and gluesbacktoschool10

#13. Purple Stapler and pink paper clipsbacktoschool09

#14. Pencil Cases for the three of thembacktoschool08

#15. Scissors

#16. Faber Castel Ballpoint pen in blue, black and redbacktoschool06

#17. Notebooks

#18. File or ipad holder from icon. I just love the design. This one is for me.backtoschool04

#19. Files holder

That’s all for now with the school supplies. After this we are going to hunt for School Uniforms and Shoes.

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