Wednesday, November 28, 2012

the amazing seven months

I have been very busy juggling motherhood and being back to work. I have so little time to myself, my blog, scrapbook and documenting my baby first twelve months of life. In a baby’s world seven months are a really long time. A lot has changed from the moment I hold him in my arms and now. He is no longer a newborn, he is a baby and moving towards becoming a toddler. I do miss having a newborn in the house and at the same time I really enjoy having a baby in the house. He learns so much in such a short time.


It brings tears to my eyes while I was compiling this little collage, he doesn’t seems to change much when you follow him from 0 to 7 months but when you see his 0 months and then move your eyes to 7 months than you can see how much he grows. Such an amazing journey for him and for me!

{I think he looses his chubbiness in his 7 month, probably due to the fact that mommy is no longer around 24/7 to provide food. heheheh…..}

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