Thursday, November 1, 2012

November is for


Hello November! I am officially a working mom now. I have been back to work for two days and life is slowly getting back to normal. Having a baby to go back to is so exciting. I am looking forward to an amazing November with a little bit of twist.

Here are a few things I expect my life would be like this November:

  • more outstation trip for work
  • I would probably have less blogging and scrapbooking time available
  • I am a little bit behind completing Project Life for Hanif, so this month I really want to do at least three more weeks
  • long school holiday starts this month. That means no heavy traffic in the morning and I can relax a bit in terms of making sure the kids are ready for school
  • I am hoping that work wise, to wrap up unfinished business and make plan for 2013
  • plan for December mini vacation with my family
  • Review and update on my 4 simple goals before 2013

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