Sunday, November 25, 2012

Finding the right pump for beginners

Last month I wrote about tips on how to express milk for beginners. I hope it helps you to keep continue breastfeeding after you start working.
I discovered that, after ten years of not paying attention to all stuffs related to baby, I found out that there are so many brand and so many choices out there regarding breast pump. All of these options can make choosing the right one for you a bit challenging.


Today I would love to share with you a few tips when it comes to find a the right pump that works best for you to achieve your breastfeeding goal.
Electric or Manual
There are currently two types of pump in the market, one is electric with or without the option of battery operated and the other one is manual. Choosing which one is best for you can be confusing. From my experience the factor that make me decide to choose which one that I need is portability.
With Manual pump I can go and be where ever and still can pump when needed to.
I have been using Avent Manual breast pump for my second and third child (that was 13 years ago), so for my fourth child I choose the new version of Avent breast pump just because I can’t find my old one. I know that this particular brand has helped me in the past.
Single or Double
If you have decide to go with manual breast pump than you don’t have to worry about single or double option. This tip is for those who choose to the electric breast pump.
For me the deciding factors are your budget, how often you intend to pump (daily or occasionally) and how much time can you spend for pumping.
From my experience single pump is best if you can allocate time at work to pump and get more milk but if you are tight on time than double pump is the best choice because you can pump twice as much with 10 minutes session.
I choose Medela Mini Double Electric pump (cost RM650) for my second pump because I find it difficult to set a side 30 minutes to pump manually and get more than 4 oz of milk. This is one of the oldest model in the market. If you have the money to spend and still planning to have more kids than I highly recommend Medela Freestyle Pump ( about RM 2000 ++).
Occasional or Daily
Another deciding factor you have to consider is how often are planning to pump: occasional or daily.
Occasional (once every two days or four or five times a week), than choosing a single pump either manual or electric is good enough.
Since I am work full time and I am still planning to continue giving the best to my baby, I decided to have both the manual pump and the double electric pump. I keep my Medela Mini Double Electric pump at the office where I can do the pumping during lunch break and before going back home. I still carry my manual Avent breast pump just in case I have to work outside of the office.
Know the pros and cons of the product you choose
When you have made the decision about your pumping needs and your breastfeeding goal, the only thing left is to choose the right brand for you. No matter what brand you choose you have to know the in and out of your brand. What it can do and what it cannot do so that you won’t be disappointed with your investment.
I hope this little tips will help you choose the right pump for you and your needs within your budget. In the end all that matter is giving the best to your baby.
Do you have problem choosing the right pump?
Do you have any favourite brand?

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