Friday, November 30, 2012

Day 23 until day 30 of 30 days of gratitude

This is going to be a heavy gratitude post for the 30 days of gratitude challenge. I do manage to blog everyday until day 22 and then I just stop blogging about it. I decided to make one post of gratitude for these week.

Day 23: Gratitude for a safe and comfortable place to sleep. I love that I have a comfortable bed where I can rest and sleep. It’s my comfort place. I really enjoy the peace and quiet at the end of the day.

Day 24: Gratitude for Dr Harvey 5 S technique from the Happiest baby on the block book. I am so thankful that I’ve found this book and the DVD. This technique is a life saver. I have been using it from the beginning and it really works! Amazing!

Day 25: Gratitude for colors. What is life without color? I just love color and I am so thankful that I live in Malaysia where we can celebrate color every single day.

Day 26: Gratitude for high speed broadband. I’ve got to love my Unifi connection. Life is beautiful when you have high speed broadband. The things you can do online is limitless. When I was a kid I used to think that life without television was unimaginable. Now I can do without TV but I can’t live without high speed broadband.

Day 27: Gratitude for workout DVD. I love that I can workout in a comfort of my home. No driving to the gym and no changing to uncomfortable clothing.

Day 28: Gratitude for hot water shower. My life saver in the morning.  I really love taking a show with hot/warm water. It feels so good especially late in the evening.

image 2

Day 29: Gratitude for refrigerator. I am so thankful to refrigerator because with this invention I can store my precious mother’s milk for longer period of time. And I also can enjoy my favorite treat which is ice cream.

Day 30: Gratitude for pen. I just love pen. Not matter how advance I am when it comes to all things digital and online, I still enjoy having a pen in my hands. Love the feeling of doodling stuffs with pen and paper.


I do enjoy playing along with this gratitude game. It’s give you time to pause and take stock of what really important in your life and saying thank you to all the things that made you happy.

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