Saturday, October 13, 2012

Today I feel…

It is true that life isn’t always sunshine and flowers. I am trying very hard to blog or to scrap about anything bad in my life. I really want this place to be my escape, my happy place. But sometimes expressing your negative emotions can really help you see life in different perspective. Somehow putting all those negative feelings on paper or as an art form, makes it less bigger than it should be.
So when I read about scrap therapy: life isn’t always sunshine and flowers, I immediately make a layout about what I am feeling right now. I don’t know  why suddenly I have been feeling all these negative emotions at the same time. No matter what I do, I can’t shake those feelings.
As always, after I’ve finished making this layout, I feel a lot better.
Credit: Today I feel kit by Lauren Grier
It is just a reminder that it is okay to have those feelings, to feel sad, worried, depressed, hurt, helpless and stressed. Take time to feel and move on from that. Take stock of the things that makes you miserable and do something about it.
I am so glad that after all these years, scrapbooking can still make me feel better. This is such an amazing hobby which I think will stuck with me.

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