Thursday, October 11, 2012

In the end the power struggle stop

Back in August I have a problem with my baby refusing to take milk in a bottle . I've tried changing bottles with different kind of teats like these famous bottles:
#.1 Avent bottles

#2. Tommee Tippee bottle

#3. Mimijumi bottle

For these three bottles he tried them once and after that he totally refused to drink from the bottle. After the third brand of bottle I decided to stop forcing him to take milk in a bottle because it's really upset him. He would cry frantically and would not stop until we stop giving him the bottle.
Since he is already 5 months of age, I decided it was time to introduced him a spoon. So I bought him a cute blue spoon and I specifically request my baby caretaker to give him milk using a spoon. Finally he agreed with the method. Now he is taking the milk via spoon feeding.
I think my baby is brilliant by refusing to take a bottle:
# with spoon feeding, there's no way he will be left alone to feed himself
# he is getting a warm up before I introduce him solid food
# he really loves constant human contact


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