Monday, October 29, 2012

day 289–day 295 // embracing change

Change, as long as you are alive, there’s nothing you can do to stop change. Last week was the last week that I am a stay at home mom. This week I will be a working mom instead. The transition is a bit scary when you don’t really know what to expect. Life will never be the same again.
day 289 – this little guy is getting bigger each day. I am glad that he is still happy even though I’ve already sending him to the Nursery
day 290 – My second son is 13 years old already. He is also getting bigger.
day 291- I have started to weaning my baby from swaddling during sleeping time and this was what happened when he was not wrapped
day 292 – During our trip to my hometown for the Eid Adha holiday
day 293 – celebrating 40th birthday of my brother and 13th birthday of my son at my parents’ house.( All the October babies)
day 294 – Introducing soft food to my baby. He seems to like it very much
day 295 – the cousins
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Tamar SB said...

Happy birthday to your son!! Good luck going back to work!

Kim Cunningham said...

Cute shots. Hope your transition back to working mom goes smoothly.

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