Wednesday, October 10, 2012

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It has been almost two weeks since I started sending Hanif to a day care centre full time. Finding a good day care centre is not easy due to the increasing number of infants death at a day care centre due to choking. Most of the day care centre around my house is already full and a lot of them only take in one year and above.

I have to literally hunting down those day care centre around the near by neighbourhood and asking around. Finally I’ve found one which I am comfortable with. After a few days sending Hanif on a trial basis I decided to send him there full time.

Since Hanif is having an issue with taking milk in a bottle, I was a little bit nervous that it will not work out. Alhamdulillah every thing works out find and the nanny agrees to give Hanif milk the alternative way ( I will talk more on this in another post), so I am less nervous about any choking incident in the future.


He might taking less milk during the day but every day after I pick him up, he will nurse for half an hour.


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