Saturday, July 7, 2012

Tips on outing with a baby in a stroller

When three of my kids were baby, non of them really sat in a stroller for more than 10 minutes. At the end of the shopping outing, my baby ended up in my arms and the stroller became our shopping cart.

This time around, I decided to give a baby stroller one more try and amazingly my newborn baby stay in the stroller for two to three hours straight.
The secret is.... I used Dr. Harvey 5S technique. I found out swaddling is the best tool to use when putting Hanif in a car seat or a stroller. Now I am also adding shushing sound to the equation to make him calm and nap a bit longer.

Even when he wakes up, he rarely cry unless he wants to be change or he wants to feed. Amazing!

I free him from his swaddle to give him a little room to strech out.

I bought these book at Kinokuniya bookstore today and can't wait to read it. My baby almost graduating from forth trimester and I really want to know how to get him to sleep longer beyond the forth trimester.

Will share later what I think about Dr. Harvey's new book.

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