Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Shabby & Ornate // lesson 7

Today I have another great lesson at JessicaSprague.com. I really love her technique and her approach. I used to have trouble using Polygonal Lasso Tool but when she said that tool mimic a scissor, Bamb! Suddenly that tool made sense to me. I know how to work a scissor. After that I have no problem using Polygonal Lasso Tool.

Now I learn about Shabby and Ornate style. In her class, Jessica said that Shabby style is about….

“Layouts (and other visual material - ads, posters, etc.), that fall into this category often feature:

  • Light, soft colors
  • Distressed, crumpled, worn edges - not dark, but sanded or light
  • Rich detail and ornamentation
  • A timeworn feel
  • A vintage romance
  • Handmade details such as lace, stitching, embroidery, soft fabric
  • Antique imagery such as vintage birds, florals, damask, birdcages, crowns, postage
  • Photos with softened color rather than ultra-saturated
  • Swirly brushwork
  • Romantic typography
  • Sophistication “

excerpt from the online course at JessicaSprague.com

In this lesson I learned to

  • Create a textural, painterly flower from a clip-art outline – which I think is very cool to be able to do this from scratch
  • Extract twine from a background
  • Shape twine into a curve
  • Create a half-circle banner
  • Add a texture to a photo

This is what I made for this lesson


* all the things on the layout are from the class lesson materials except the photos. They are mine.

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